Social Media Management

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It’s time to connect…

With our social media management service we take the pressure off your shoulders. We do the day to day work with posts across your platforms, general day to day management of your platforms, audience engagement and follower building.

Our job is to make social media work for you at a price that works for you. No two venues are ever the same so we pride ourselves on a face to face, personal service. You tell us what you want from your venue and we deliver that via your online presence.

– Photography and videography

– Audience Engagement

– Daily Posts

– Building Followers

– Day To Day Management

The Importance Of Social Media

Social media is by far the most powerful and most accessible platform to market and communicate with your customers. It gives us the opportunity to speak, engage and visualise our offerings to the world.

The Important Things To Know


Posting lots of content on one day and then not posting for days or weeks on end is not effective. You must be posting on your social media platforms daily and consistently. Study your analytics to find out the best times to post.


You must consider that you have around 0.2 seconds to gain someones attention on social media. Posting huge paragraphs will only cause people to move on. Use photo’s and short videos that are both engaging and informative.


Social Media is a way of communicating. When people communicate with you by leaving comments you need to engage back. It is also good to go out and actively engage with others in your local area. This will help your presence grow.

It would be wrong to think it was that simple though

Social media takes time. Time to build the content. Making sure you are using the correct photography and videography. Understanding the use of hashtags, engaging with others and ensuring your following is organic.

More often than not; we simply don’t have the time in hospitality to give our social media the attention it needs to benefit our businesses.

So that’s where we come in…

Want to do your own social media but need the content?

Maybe we can help..

Many of us want to control our own social media profiles but find it difficult to generate content to use due to time constraints. To attack this issue Charles Kate are now offering a content generation service.

We come to you: take numerous photo’s, create videos and engaging content for you to use at your own free will.

This allows you to control your own social media platforms with content that is of quality and professionalism. Combining creativity with flexibility.

“Social media is so effective in connecting with people, connecting with those who support our venues so much. I know how hard it is to keep on top of the social media stuff as I struggled as manageress myself to do everything. Thats why I enjoy doing it now at Charles Kate. I can help others so they can get on with doing what they love; serving people.”

Leah Bryant, Charles Kate Social Media Manager.