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Marketing Services: marketing the Charles Kate Way…

Why should marketing be expensive?

Affordable Marketing services for the hospitality industry. Creating bespoke, strategic marketing plans that work for your venue.

At Charles Kate we believe in effective marketing that provides cost efficient results. Spending huge sum’s of money on ineffective advertising when you are already on a tight budget provides little traceable success. Our hospitality specialists build bespoke marketing plans with you to ensure the best results.

Marketing is about opportunism. See an opportunity and take it. Whilst you are busy doing your day to day business, we have the time to identify the opportunities your business has and then we go and capitalise on them.

Taking advantage of the opportunities that surround you

Take a look at some of the ways our marketing services work for you…

Local media

Let others spread your message. Whether its your local newspaper, magazine or social media influencer. These people are here to help you spread your message and raise the profile of your venue. Whether it’s the work you do within the community or the product you have to offer. Charles Kate are here to guide you through the process.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are effective but complicated. You need to consider your target audience, geographical location and which platform suits you best. Campaigns must also be sustained over a period of time. A one – week campaign will not work for you. At Charles Kate we are here to assist you in creating a successful and cost effective social media campaign.

Awards & Recognition

If you are doing something great then why not be recognised for it? Awards are a ‘feel good’ way of spreading the message of your product, service or both. Whether it is a local, regional or a national award. Awards attract attention from potential customers and the media whilst making everyone involved with the business feel good.


It’s free and it’s easy for you to do. You just need to know which prospects to network with and have the time to do it. That’s where we come in. Through our experience in hospitality marketing, we know which local community groups and the types of local people and business to connect with. Let us bring these opportunities to you.

Anything is possible with a creative mind

Let’s Do Something Great Together…

Create the experience – sell the story.

From The Boss:

“Marketing is so tough. I was a pub manager. First on the south coast and then in London. Whilst the pubs were so different, the industry difficulties of marketing were not. Having the budget to spend money was tough and even if I had the budget, where was I meant to find the time? This is exactly why I started Charles Kate. It is so frustrating to see opportunities pass you by just because you don’t have the time or money. Thats why we provide cost effective, bespoke marketing services.”

“This is why we make sure our service really has your business and your venue at the forefront of our thoughts as opposed to the all too commonly one way fits all approach”.

Liam Bignell: CEO & Founder Charles Kate Associates

Liam working hands on during a business development program.
Make marketing work for you

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