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Sharing idea’s creates success

Hospitality marketing consultancy for social media, marketing and business development. Take full advantage of a 30 minute free consultancy session.

At Charles Kate we offer three key services; Social Media management, Marketing services and business development services. Sometimes people don’t need this depth of service but instead just an expert to bounce idea’s off…

Hospitality Consultancy: let’s turn idea’s into reality…

Some marketing agencies don’t want to advise, it’s better for them to have you sign up for long periods of time. We don’t see it like that.

For us at Charles Kate we just want to see you succeed. So if spending some time with us, sharing ideas and giving you a different way of thinking can be beneficial to your business its time to get in touch.

With our wealth of knowledge, plus partners in recruitment, entertainment, property and online services. The push you need to succeed could be right here with us.

Take Full Advantage...

Free 30 minute consultation.

As we emerge from the pandemic and arguably the toughest 18 months in our industries history. Charles Kate are offering a free, one – off 30 minute consultation. Let us help in your recovery.

Hospitality Consultancy

Charles Kate Associates


Online Via Zoom

In light of the pandemic, Zoom has become an incredibly useful way to communicate with one another.

All free one – off 30 minute consultations are done via zoom.

Zoom is the perfect platform to listen to your requirements and for us to provide information that will help you move forward. All in the comfort of your own home.

Hour By Hour

Sometimes we need to see you and your venue. Importantly many of our clients feel they need to see us.

In many circumstances, meeting face to face makes the difference.

At Charles Kate we come to you, explore your venue, listen to your ideas, future ambitions and then advise accordingly. Helping you to create a plan going forward.

Day By Day

Not everything can be completed in hours. Especially when it comes to staff training and business development objectives.

Sometimes its best to just take a day to be at your disposal.

Spend the day creating your basic development plan, learning useful methods for social media and the ways in which you can up-sell your venue and services.

Hospitality consultancy: success is made together – sharing ideas breeds progression.

Get In Contact and book your free online consultancy session today…

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