Social media content for Sushi At Home

The team were out this week filming with client Sushi At Home.

The Charles Kate team were out this week providing a social media content generation service for clients Sushi At Home.

Sushi At Home are providers of top quality sushi at Barnes market and St Margarets market every Saturday morning.

Known for their British styled sushi cuisine, Sushi At Home contacted Charles Kate and asked us to generate content for them to use on their new website and for use at their discretion for their social media platforms.

As part of the process the team visited the Barnes Market operation, took a number of photos and videos of both the market, products and surrounding area. Upon returning to the office the process of editing the content, creating videos and menu graphics compatible for social media was completed.

This content was then loaded onto a private, online platform whereby our clients at Sushi At Home could access and use the content at their disposal.

Leading the project this week Leah said “It’s clear to see how popular this market stall is and just how much people enjoy Ed’s service.”

“It’s been a pleasure to provide content for the Sushi At Home team to use for their website and social media platforms. I’m looking forward to being back soon doing some more work for them.”

At Charles Kate we understand the complexities of social media. Many people need support in creating the content to use but don’t necessarily require the structured support that comes with social media management services. We understand that every project is unique in nature and that different venues/ operations require a different type of content. For anyone who would like more information on our services and the social media content generation service specifically please get in contact using either our email address, phone number or social media platforms.

023 8122 1101

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