Awards For The Angel

It has been award central for our clients at the Angel & Crown, Richmond in recent months due to their community work helping to feed the communities most vulnerable.

The Covid pandemic has been horrific for many across the country and no more so than those who work or are involved with the hospitality sector. Pubs, bars and restaurants found themselves spending more time closed than they did open during 2020 and when they were open, dealing with ever changing restrictions.

During the first lockdown Nick and his team took it upon himself to provide a hot meal everyday for the communities most vulnerable.

This quickly escalated into a community initiative that didn’t just provide food but also clothing, toiletries and in partnership with local charities accommodation for the homeless and mental health support.

Over the 5 month period the team provided services for on average 70 people per day. Supplying thousands of bottles of water, hot food, volunteered hours as well as sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries to guests who found themselves falling on hard times.

Charles Kates very own Liam Bignell worked on the front line full time with Nick and His team helping not to just do the day to day business of serving the guests but also helping to fundraise which in turn enabled the initiative to provide the support it did.

During his time with the team Liam organised interviews with Sky News, BBC Radio London and RTUK. He also helped to write the articles for local and national newspapers. In addition to his day to day responsibilities; he operated the pubs social media platforms from the frontline and helped co-ordinate the pubs initiative with local charities including SPEAR, The Felix Project and The Kingston Fire Service. Working with Nick and the team to ensure sustainable flows of food, clothing, mental health support and finance to provide the best care possible.

Throughout the lockdown Liam kept in constant contact with the team who were working from home and on commenting said “so much of our job is seeing our clients and then working behind the scenes. To have had the opportunity to work day to day on the front line has just been so much fun. Seeing what Nick and his team do on a regular basis is just incredible.”

Whilst the lockdown eased in July 2020, Nick whilst running an open pub continued to provide food and drink for those who needed it, albeit on a reduced scale and in subsequent lockdowns provided a similar type of service.

As part of our work with the Angel & Crown we decided to enter the team into a number of industry awards both on a regional and national level.

The pubs accolades include winning the local Richmond Council community hero award, The BII Heart of the Community award and the national Lockdown Hero Award.

In addition to this the pub came as a runner up for its efforts with the regional CAMRA awards and the Community Pub Hero Awards.

And on commenting Liam told us that “entering the pub into all these awards is exactly what the team deserve. They worked tirelessly through such adverse conditions. Winning the awards they have is thoroughly deserved for both the pub and the wider community who made so much of it possible and I hope it raises the pubs profile. Let’s hope when the pub has returned to normal people support this pub which in turn will help them to continue supporting others.”

he award nominations have brought further media attention with landlord Nick featuring on BBC radio London again, Community radio and appearing twice more on RTUK.

As a hospitality marketing business, we at Charles Kate are proud to have participated in making a difference to peoples lives through an unprecedented 18 months whilst bringing marketing exposure to our clients at the Angel & Crown. Whoever our clients are, we believe in affordable, sustainable marketing that can benefit not just our individual client but their own community and the wider hospitality industry. If we have learned anything through the pandemic, it is that we are all in this together.

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